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Empower An Ethiopian Israeli Woman! - Sponsor Her University Leadership Programme

Project Details:
Organised By: Leo Baeck Education Centre
Project Details: The Leo Baeck Response - since 1985

Ethiopian Israeli University of Haifa students displaying exceptional potential and drive, may apply to Leo Baeck's University Leadership Training Programme (ULTP). In return for a monthly stipend and new skills acquired through leadership training and empowerment workshops, students lead weekly projects aimed at responding to a specific need within the community. This year, 14 outstanding young Ethiopian women are completing the leadership course and leading community projects. We are convinced that the participants' enthusiasm, commitment and drive have the power to bring about desperately needed change in Israeli society.
Venue: Leo Baeck Education Centre
Email Address:
Telephone: 0097248300571
Project Date/Time: All Year
Suitable For: Adults
Organisation Details: The Leo Baeck Education Centre is committed to democracy, egalitarianism and human rights. It is committed to teaching the living values of Progressive Judaism, which inspire social change and Tikkun Olam, repair of the world. The centre provides an education from Kindergarten to High School, 9 outreach centers including youth-at-risk centres and early childhood development centers, and has 3 synagogues. Today, the Leo Baeck Education Centre serves a community of 35,000 members and educates 2,500 students. This year, the centre celebrates 75 years and events will be hosted to mark the centre's commitment to co-existence, academic excellence, Jewish Pluralism, and Tikkun Olam.

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