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Israelis In Scotland

Project Details:
Organised By: Scottish Council Of Jewish Communities (SCoJeC)
Project Details: The census reported that there are 344 Israelis living in Scotland, and probably more, many of whom have no connection with the Jewish community.

During our recent "Being Jewish in Scotland" project, funded by the Scottish Government, we met a number of Israelis who had settled in various parts of Scotland. Although all felt at home, and many have families here, several told us about difficulties they encounter because of local people’s attitudes to Israel, and that they long for opportunities to come together to share experiences, and gain mutual support; Israeli students in particular told us how much they would like to meet other Jewish and Israeli students across Scotland.

The aim of this project is to address these needs by facilitating dual-purpose events, at which people will have the opportunity to share their experience, both positive and negative, of being Israeli in Scotland, to voice their concerns and anxieties, to receive support both from SCoJeC and from other participants, and to overcome their feelings of isolation by meeting other Israelis socially. If funding permits, we also hope to produce a Hebrew language edition of our bi-monthly e-newsletter, and to develop online guidance in Hebrew to accessing communal resources and key public services".
Venue: Scotland-wide
Email Address:
Telephone: 0141 638 6411
Project Date/Time: All Year
Suitable For: All
Organisation Details: The Scottish Council of Jewish Communities (SCoJeC) is the representative body of all the Jewish communities in Scotland. We advance public understanding about the Jewish religion, culture and community, and develop and provide information and assistance to educational, health and welfare organisations. We represent the Jewish community in Scotland to government and other statutory and official bodies, monitor the Scottish Parliament and liaise with MSPs and others on matters affecting the Jewish community. We work in partnership with other organisations and stakeholders to promote equality and good relations and understanding among community groups, as well as organising events and providing a network of support.

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